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Quick Energy™

is a 59ml scientifically proven^ energy “shot” supplement, designed to provide energy, focus and endurance without the insulin spike and associated crash of traditional energy drinks.


Quick Relax

RELAX combines proven, safe relaxation aid functionality with impulse purchase behaviour and immediate consumer needs. It is fast acting, non-pharmaceutical, non-addictive, non-habit forming, and formulated with naturally occurring ingredients


Quick Sleep

A great tasting all-natural functional shot offering alternative solution in a zero calorie, consumable package. Not a pill or bad tasting


How is your work-life balance?

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Australia has just celebrated another National ‘Go Home From Work On Time’ day. It does sound like a strange thing to celebrate, but it is in fact a very important reminder of one... READ MORE

Not getting enough sleep? Watch out.

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Deep down we all know. When we don’t get enough sleep there is something off about the way we feel, how productive we are, our concentration levels, and our overall ability to perform.... READ MORE

Shake off winter and spring into spring

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Winter affects us all in different ways. Known in the animal world as the time of hibernation, for many Australians, it’s a time most closely associated with frosty mornings, grey skies and hours... READ MORE

Focus on your studies

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Throughout Australia, tertiary students are coming to the end of another year of schooling and study, about to reach peak ‘assessment period’, culminating in an onslaught of assignments and exams. It is essential to... READ MORE